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Reflecting on my first year of college.

I just got back from my first year of college and I still remember the countdown  and the excited/exhaused post I wrote the night before I moved away.  I feel the need now, to reflect on the past year away.  I’m not going to say life’s been perfect, because it’s been a rough journey but, I do think I’ve made a lot of awesome friends that I sincerely hope to only grow closer to next year.  It’s weird being at home and I feel like half of my friends are strangers.  I feel out of place but when I think about it, that’s probably a good thing.  I’ve really been enjoying myself and there are some regrets I have and people I wish I had reached out to but all good things take time.

I’m really excited about my classes next year and I’m hoping all you enrolled freshmen out there are also excited for your chance to shine.  Moving away from your parents definitely has an impact on who you are and I’ve seen a lot of my friends drift away and become strangers at school.  Before I left I wrote in my journal to just remind myself who I am and who I want to be at school.  If you want to change, that’s fine.  But if you want to stay true to yourself you better make that commitment before you leave.

All in all college is great and it is undoubtedly the best years of my life so far.   Perhaps forever (but let’s hope not).


A New Beginning

So today I’ve been packing and tomorrow marks my first day at college. I’ll be getting up quite early to get in the car and drive down to where I’ll be spending the next 9 months or so. I can hardly wait and I’ve been anxious about it since before I graduated. I’m glad the time has finally come but goodbyes can be hard and even harder when you don’t have the chance for that. One friend in particular I spent a lot of time thinking about and trying to set up a time to meet up to get things right and say bye before I leave but, stubborn as he is, that doesn’t look like it’ll happen. It’s tough because I want nothing more than to fix the relationships I have here because I know it’ll be near impossible after I’m gone. I’m glad my time has come to move on and I guess it feels good that there really isn’t anyone all that important in my life that I’m leaving behind right now. Can’t wait to start new with all different people and fresh experiences. Let the ride begin, no matter how bumpy it may get.

Oh how I love trading vacation days for prison time.

Did that headline catch your eye? Well that’s how I view random snow days or other ‘severe’ weather days. Why people get excited is beyond my knowledge because what are you going to do with a snowed/iced out day? Sit at home, watch tv, sit on the computer.  Which sounds more fun: that or hanging out with friends, maybe going on a weekend trip, or relaxing.  Instead I get to wake up at 6 am to check the weather website to see if school is in fact cancelled and then go back to sleep (if I can) and waste the day away regaining my rest.  Then I wake up around the time I could have already been home and I get to resume my day while being locked in my house with no where to go.  If school is closed for a good reason then that means I obviously won’t be able to drive anywhere or have fun.  This just dooms me for a depressing day of sitting in my room and doing nothing.  Thanks weather, I look forward to tomorrow.

College, oh the anticipation!

I’ve applied to three colleges and I’m eager to hear their responses.  I’m not sure when I’ll find out but I’m sure it’s a long ways away (a matter of months).  There is only one college I’m actually interested in and it’s not a hard college to get into but all I can think of are the stories from people that were rejected from various colleges for no reason at all except being unlucky.  I’m pretty sure of where I want to go and I know some friends there so I can hardly wait!  This being my last semester I can practically see myself moving out right now.  My classes are easier than ever with just one academic (Econ/Gov) so I know this semester will go by fast.  I know I’m rushing everything but I guess I should probably step back and enjoy this semester and all it has to offer.  After all, I wont have it this easy for a while – If ever.