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If God Never Gives up on Us, Should We Give up on Others?

I’ve been contemplating this concept for a while now and although I’ve fought my conclusion countless times, I still believe I’ve reached one worthy of sharing.  As Christians, we fail constantly and we quickly become filled with guilt and want nothing more but forgiveness.  We know God forgives us freely, even in the sinful act, so how can we not grant that same mercy to others?  Forgiving others can be difficult, particularly when it isn’t the first time, but it can be even harder to let them back into our lives as God does for us.

Ephesians 4:32 says “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

I’ve been trying to forgive a certain friend for a while now and I’ve gone back and forth on my decision.  Every time I ask God for his forgiveness, I remember that he too is counting on me to forgive as he does us.  When God forgives us, he forgets the wrongs and we are purely clean.  No lie, sexual act, cheat, or abandonment is ever held up against us in the eyes of God.

After I thought more about this I realized that it’s essential that I, too, forgive others in this manner.  God has a plan and I’d be wrong to stop that from happening – sin is forgiven to be forgotten.  We all mess up at times and think about how much better of a place the world would be should we all forgive and forget.  We spend enough time basking in our own guilt, we don’t need that to be held against us by our friends or others around us.  Learning to truly forgive others as God forgives us not only sets others free but ourselves as well.


It’s been so long.

I’m nearing a month into school and all I can say is wow, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to be right now. I’ve already made some great friends and learned a lot about living on my own. School can be overwhelming but I still haven’t gone a day without seeing how beautiful life really is. Managing my schedule may get a bit frustrating but I love having the power to control my do’s and don’ts.

I bought a hammock soon after moving in to school and I can’t even describe in words how much that purchase was worth.  Every day I lay in it the day seems more perfect than the one before.  It never ceases to amaze me the awe of nature.  Overcast days show the perfect glimpse of winter and the sweltering heat is like a new breath of life.  There’s no better way to just relax and think about life than this.

Labor day weekend I went home, of course, and I expected to just sit around and be bored but that was certainly not what happened.  I ended up meeting with various friends throughout the weekend and I couldn’t ask for a better time.  It was actually awesome seeing people again and it made me realize how much I really miss them.  Although I love it where I am, it was nice to see everyone going about their lives, in a good way, and seeing their change.

In conclusion, if you’re a fellow college student I hope you’re enjoying your new place as much as I and that you remember to keep in contact with those you ‘left behind.’  As for everybody else, sorry it’s been so long!  I could have sworn I posted something last week but it seems that’s a lie.  I’ll try to be a bit more present now that I’m settled in.

Why are the dead men deemed ‘wise’?

I’ve been sitting around and I had some random things pop in my mind.  I thought they sounded cool so I contemplated posting them as statuses but figured instead I’d post them here.  I think they sound like quotes you’d read in a quote book full of dead people.

“Everybody wears a mask.  What does yours hide?”

“We spend half of our life making mistakes, regretting the past, and feeling sorrow.  It’s a good thing though, because without this what would we do for the other half of our life?”

“You may let yourself down but it’s half the battle noticing what you’ve done wrong.  The other half is fixing it.”

“For there is no hope when fighting for something you don’t believe in.  You’ve already lost before you began.”

So I know they’re not all that great but I thought it was fun coming up with them.  Tell me what you think.

I thought lint was what I found in my pockets?

So yesterday was Ash Wednesday and thousands, actually, probably millions of people got ashes rubbed on their foreheads in the shape of a cross.  I was never raised to be big on symbolistic rituals but last year was the first year I participated in the whole event.  Some say it’s too churchy, but I’d disagree.  I find lent to be a lot like New Years in that you find something in your life and replace it with something else.  There are no negative aspects of lent so what can one have to hold against it?
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Awkward people

Do you know anyone that’s just naturally awkward?  It’s not that they’re quiet or shy, it’s just that they never seem to say the right things at the right time.  They either bring up awkward topics at the wrong time, speak in a strange, unusual tone, or just have the most absurd hand gestures.  At work when I’m working on the fitting rooms (clothing store) I hear some pretty weird conversations.  Usually I can catch onto the peoples relationship pretty easy and I know in a minute or two if their siblings, parent and child, or just friends, but sometimes I can’t.  The other day I could have sworn I was hearing a conversation with a foreign exchange student (don’t ask), the host of him, and the host’s daughter but the thing I didn’t understand was the baby.  I couldn’t figure out whose it was.  The lady was two old, and the other two seemed to maybe be twenty at the oldest.  Yes, one can have a kid at twenty but they didn’t seem to interact with the child enough for it t be theirs.  At the same time they interacted too much for it to just be some random kid.  Sometimes I wonder.  Anyways, not trying to bash people just throwing this out there.  Had a pretty productive day at work (8 hours) and now I’m exhausted.

Fellow teen bloggers?

I wish there was an easy way to connect to fellow teen bloggers. I think it’d be fun to read what other people my age blog about.  If you happen to know a way to find blogs or know of any particular ones let me know. Always looking for people to ‘follow’ and get to know.  Who says I can’t find friends online?

As a side note Christmas lunch/dinner was awesome! Hopefully we’ll have ham for the next week or so.