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When You are Asking Yourself ” Do I Like Her? “

It’s very rare that I obsess over a girl, or even like one for that matter.  Girls are a lot of work and I’ve learned that if I don’t have feelings for her, I’m wasting both of our time.  Ever since my last relationship, almost two years ago, there hasn’t really been anyone on my mind except one girl.  Now she goes to school with me so I’ve grown to like her even more.  I don’t think she could ever understand how much I like her, so I’ve decided to compile this post about how I know I like her.  Feelings can be tricky but I think I’ve found someone special.

It doesn’t matter what you talk about.

No matter what we talk about, I don’t care.  She can go on and on about nothing and I can’t help but enjoy the company.  Whether she’s telling another story or just ranting about life, I can’t pull away.  Not only does it not matter what you talk about, but every word out of her mouth is something special.  You don’t want to miss a beat and you’re genuinely interested in what she has to say.

You’re willing to do anything.

I’m a stingy person, so when it comes to dates, I kind of freak out.  $25 for dinner, $25 for a movie, and if you get concessions you’re just asking to go bankrupt.  Sometimes girls don’t understand the price of all these fancy dates but we sure do.  I haven’t been on a date but I’ve realized that I’m willing to pay any price it takes to interest her in a date.  Not that I think dating someone is about how expensive your dates are, but sometimes what you want to do can cost a pretty penny.  I don’t care what it costs, I want to spend time with her and that takes money.  If we could just sit around and talk for hours I’d be down, but activities build memories and any memory with her is worth it.

She’s flawless in your eyes.

Of course no one is flawless, but I’ve realized that when I look at her, she’s so pure.  She’s perfect.  I could think about her all day and not find a single thing wrong with her.  Her mess ups are cute and her imperfections are beautiful.

I haven’t made my move yet as I’ve been really busy but I really need to jump on it.  A girl like this can’t be single long, I don’t understand how she’s single at all.  Perfection is rare and I’m just hoping no one else catches on to hers.


Girls fight. Guys shut out.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  I’ve noticed y’all really enjoy my “What do guys do when they ‘hang out’?” post so I decided to do another one of those dynamical posts.  If y’all have anything else y’all wonder feel free to post a comment and I’ll (probably) do it for you.  Please don’t get offended when I group all girls into one group.  I realize not all girls are like this and I don’t mean this post to offend anyone.

Usually when girls fight they bicker and talk about each other and it’s really obvious that they’re in a fight or at least not very happy with each other.  Guys, particularly close ones, behave differently.  I’m not sure why we act differently, don’t know why we’re socialized the way we are but when we’re upset we don’t fight, talk about each other, or make it obvious in any way.  You may be thinking ‘wow! that’s great..’ but if you know what I’m talking about you know it’s much worse.

One way it can be worse is you never know what they’re thinking.  When girls get over their fight (whenever that happens) it’s obvious.  They stop sticking their noses up at each other and just get along.  Sure, the relationship might not be perfect but it’s do-able and progress is underway. When guys fight, however, it’s hard to tell if one of them is over it or if they’re still upset.  This can be frustrating and confusing, as you can imagine.

Another reason it’s worse is, one way we as humans overcome things is by talking it out with people.  Girls are good at this because they often have a handful of people that they can text, call, message, etc and it would be normal.  Guys work differently and I think people assume that guys either don’t fight/get upset or that they just shouldn’t.  This can be hard because without this outlet, we have to keep it in and overcome it single handily.

Guys do a really good job just going with the flow and acting normal but this can be really confusing, even though we’re told not to really think that personal.  I guess in the end we should be glad that we’re socialized differently, what a boring world this would be if we weren’t?

It Doesn’t Have to be Awkward

Whether you’re the girl, the guy, interested in a relationship, or just plain ignorant, hanging out with someone of the opposite gender can be complicated.  Even with line is clearly drawn in the relationship, it’s hard to ever be one hundred percent sure as to what your partner, or, friend, is feeling.  During the teen years, for the most part, guys and girls are told they shouldn’t be friends.  Guys and girls some how have this big idea that if you’re going to have any type of relationship, you have to be dating.  Not being any further from the truth, this misconception can lead to some confusing times when just trying to hang out with a friend or, if you’re in the other position, trying to get into a more serious or intimate relationship.

No matter which side of the field you’re playing, it’s important to make clear what your intentions are.  If you’re the one looking for a relationship, make that obvious because the fact of the matter is, if they’re interested as well, this will only speed up and make the process simpler for the both of you.  Should you be the one that just wants to be friends and hang out, make sure you do your best to get that point across.  Maybe inviting another friend over to join y’all would be a good idea.

If you look at the situation logically, each person has their own ideas cooking up in their head as to how they want the day to go or what they ultimately want out of the relationship.  No one is in the wrong and if you’re friends, there won’t be any hard feelings – what’s the worst that can happen?  Hang out, relax, watch a movie or just hit the park.  Be yourself and don’t stress so much about what the other one is thinking.  Everything will work out just fine.

Mutually Content

So as you can see on the right hand side, I am now officially single.  I’ve been waiting for this for a while and I’ve put a lot of thought into this decision.  You probably would have expected this if you had read my last post here but figured I’d tell everyone anyway.  So far everyone that doesn’t know me really well keeps saying that this was a bad decision,  they’ve all been saying that she was perfect for me and that I’ll never get anyone better.  She had the looks but the thing is looks aren’t everything.  She was fun to be with as well but it’s hard to have fun when you’re constantly getting frustrated about every little thing.  In the end I know I’ve made the right decision and now I just hope I don’t fall for every girl like I have in the past. The break up was mutual as she agreed with what I had to say and I’m sure we will remain friends.  Great clean start to 2011 with high hopes!

When girlfriends turn into social tools.

When I think of a girlfriend I think of someone that’s fun, someone I want to hang out with and just have a good time .  Every now and then I lie in bed and think about whether my view is skewed or correct.  Being seventeen I don’t really take girlfriends all that serious and I’m curious if I’m the only one.   I do have a friend or two that are in serious relationships but I just don’t know if it’s worth it at such a young age.  People change and move on with life so quickly that it’s hard to actually get serious when you know things are about to change.
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