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The most rewarding way to spend your summer

Admit it, we all constantly think about summer.  One thing we don’t think about, however, is just how we’re going to spend each summer and all the options we have.  You see, the problem is, planning your summer can be a lot of work and deciding how you’re going to do that months before the end of the year can be stressful.  Summer camps can be the most rewarding job both monetarily as well as spiritually but require you to apply usually before spring!  Whether it is a Christian camp or not, you’re bound to grow in your strength and learn to lean on Him.  Working as a camp counselor is a lot of work but I’m going to unpack a few things you should consider.

Working with kids is exhausting, no doubt, but don’t let that scare you away.  Managing kids for twenty four hours a day can become overwhelming but watching their childlike behaviors and pure hearts can show just the direction we need to be walking.  Kids have a way of taking things as they are.  You say it, they’ll believe you; but don’t get me wrong, it’s your job to lead them in the right direction!  Very rarely do we get to act out as a leader of Christ and having the opportunity to test those waters first with kids is such a blessing.

Striving to be more of a leader is always important as Christians.  As followers of Christ we are called to run to Him and spread that love to others.  Being a leader among our friends can be intimidating, so having the chance to strengthen your leadership skills can help further your faith and bring you closer to God and in turn, your friends with God.  If you go throughout your days wishing you could be in a position of leadership, showing others His love, then being a camp counselor might be fit for you.

When you aren’t strictly leading your campers and teaching them about God, you’d better be growing those relationships with them.  Since the kids look up to you, it’s important that you let them know that you care.  With care, comes trust, and with trust, the barriers begin to drop and you can finally speak truth to them.  Sometimes they can go on and on about some of the craziest things and it truly will give you some of the most interesting conversations of your life.  Kids have a way with talking and if you listen to them, they’ll tell you anything.

So, you want to strengthen your leadership skills and build relationships but how exactly is this rewarding?  Having counseled over 100 campers this summer, spending a week with around ten at a time, I’ve begun to understand God’s love for us.  If you attended a camp as a kid you might not have realized (assuming you had a good counselor) just how much your counselors cared for you.  Sure, we get grumpy sometimes, and you don’t always get what you want, but counselors are people who truly want the camper to have a unique experience.  Striving day in and day out to strengthen both their own relationship with Him as well as the campers’ is the only way to bring that to reality.  Saying goodbye at the end of each week can be nerve-wracking but fear not – know that each of these kids walk away with a piece of you.  Perhaps they’ll contact you later for support, or maybe they won’t, but know that these kids each learned something from you and these memories of you will stick around for a long time – so make them good!  Most importantly, don’t be afraid to step our of your comfort zone.  If any of this sounds appealing to you, consider applying at a local camp, help make a change in a kid’s life!


Reflecting on my first year of college.

I just got back from my first year of college and I still remember the countdown  and the excited/exhaused post I wrote the night before I moved away.  I feel the need now, to reflect on the past year away.  I’m not going to say life’s been perfect, because it’s been a rough journey but, I do think I’ve made a lot of awesome friends that I sincerely hope to only grow closer to next year.  It’s weird being at home and I feel like half of my friends are strangers.  I feel out of place but when I think about it, that’s probably a good thing.  I’ve really been enjoying myself and there are some regrets I have and people I wish I had reached out to but all good things take time.

I’m really excited about my classes next year and I’m hoping all you enrolled freshmen out there are also excited for your chance to shine.  Moving away from your parents definitely has an impact on who you are and I’ve seen a lot of my friends drift away and become strangers at school.  Before I left I wrote in my journal to just remind myself who I am and who I want to be at school.  If you want to change, that’s fine.  But if you want to stay true to yourself you better make that commitment before you leave.

All in all college is great and it is undoubtedly the best years of my life so far.   Perhaps forever (but let’s hope not).

Probability of Good Looks or Attractivity

You know what I got to thinking about the other day?  Okay, so I’m sure we’d all agree there are naturally good looking people, those who go through surgery and or a lot of make up for beauty, and those that work out for the perfect body.  No matter what you do, unless born with it, there is no way to get a naturally good looking face so, I’m here to ask.. what are the odds of this?  When born, why does one come out either attractive, or just messed up.  Why is the skin tone how it is, the eyes where they are, and the nose that particular shape and size?  Sure, genes have to do with it but let’s face it – no matter how much you look like your parents, there must be some sort of randomly generated attributes about yourself.  No two people are exactly the same so – what are the odds?  One brother could be societies gem while the other sits behind closed doors afraid to come out.  If a scale was generated for looks, what would the probabilities be?  If you had to say, what do you think the probability of good , average, or  bad looks be?  On top of that, think about this: do you think it’s more, less, or just as rare to be ugly as opposed to beautiful.

Wandering Minds

Life can get tiring quickly, and boring easily; even in the summer. With plenty of time in between high school and college, I had a few things planned out to keep me occupied. June was a busy month, infested with multiple trips with friends and family, but now that July has hit I’m struck with boredom. Most days I dread going to work, but recently I’ve realized what a blessing it really can be. I don’t know if anyone reading this feels the same way as I, but when I’m at home alone, I can’t keep my mind busy for long enough to not think – that’s usually why I end up on here writing posts (many of which never even get posted). When I have something on my mind, whether it be a tough time a friend of mine is going through, or what I’m dreading to do the next day, I can’t get it out. I can sit, stand, walk around, or lie down for hours and think endlessly. My mind wanders and this is never a good thing. I begin to think of a multitude of other things to feel down about. I always end up feeling bad for myself, as well as others. I lose confidence in myself as a friend and doubt the relationships I have.

Recently, when I’ve walked into work, I’ve acknowledged how much of a better mood I am in there. It’s like another world where I can just leave everything else behind and act joyful with customers and coworkers. When I see this in myself I wonder why I can’t always be that way. Why can’t I always be happy, ready to do whatever is needed of me. Before I go to bed I often pray, listen to Christian music, and thank God for everything he’s done in my life (he’s changed my life so much). When I do this I feel so good and confident in myself. I feel as though I can make a difference in this world and in my friends. As times have changed I’ve growing closer and closer to my move in date to college and I can hardly wait. An entire fresh start just waiting for me to take advantage of! How amazing is that. Well this post pretty much did a 360 so I’ll end it with this: Take a second out of your frustration and take in all that you have, and all of the tough times you’ve been through thus far. After looking at this the problem at hand will more than likely look like a joke, a waste of time which you could spend rejoicing in your life.

Let’s Push the Time

So I’ve been accepted into my #1 school next year and I’m pretty excited about that.  Can’t wait to get there and start my courses and a new life.  Right now school is seemingly useless as I’ve already been accepted and paid my dues and everything. Six months and I’ll finally be ‘on my own’ and chillin’ at college.  I’ve chosen to major in Computer Science so I think that will be fun.  If I can, then I hope to take some classes at a community college nearby on Web Development.  Life has done a complete 360 since my last post and so now I’m just floating by.  It hasn’t just been the fact that I’ve got the next few years planned out but I’ve also gotten close to some people and I think that’s pretty cool because that doesn’t happen just every day.  I know when I go away I can keep my relationship with those that I care about and I can easily let go of the others in my life.

As a side note, I went to Kroger and got inspired to make fresh lemonade.  I ended up buying 5 lemons, squeezing all the juice and pulp out of them, and making a pitcher of lemonade.  It’s so amazing I can’t even describe it.

Resolutions and the flabby!

It’s a new year and I’m tired as hell.  It’s 9 PM where I am and I haven’t slept in over 36 hours, not including my hour and a half nap at 4 AM.  I had a good new years eve and I can’t wait to get this year rolling.  This year I’ll graduate.  This year I’ll enroll in college.  This year I can finally start fresh with new friends and a new attitude.  I’m not one for resolutions but these are hardly that.  I hope 2011 can be all it was made to be and more, I hope to spend my time enjoying life and learning something new everyday.  I hope I can grow closer to my current friends and make some more strong friends in college.  I know a lot of things have happened in the past twelve months and I can’t imagine all that could happen in the next.  Bring it on 2011 and lets do this ‘thang’.

All that has happened in the past twelve months, no particular order: Continue reading


I’ve thought about rejoining a gym for a long time but can’t bring myself to do it.  I used to go two years ago but we stopped because my parents got lazy and this was before I could drive myself.  I’m only 130 pounds and I’m 5’11 which is quite small for that height.  I was planning on doing the whole gym thing when I’m in college because I’ll have more free time and most schools supply a gym but I kind of want to get a head start so I can have ‘the look’ going into college.  My only problem is I don’t know if it will show progress.  Last time when I worked out 3-4 times a week for an hour each session I didn’t really gain much.   I ate plenty but I guess it still wasn’t enough.  Contemplating if it is worth it to me to spend my days eating and working out.  What’s everyones opinion –  how important is muscle or at least some meat on the bones?