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About to be Cruising

So, you guessed it, I’m going on my first cruise. We leave port Monday but we have to drive down there on Sunday. I’ve never done anything like this so it will definitely be something different. I’m pretty excited I guess but I don’t know what to expect. All I can picture right now is eating a lot of food and tanning. At first I thought I’d be at the pool a lot but I’ve been informed that cruise ship pools aren’t really all that large – what a let down. It should still be fun and interesting though. I wish cruise ships let you use your phone and internet for free, that’s probably the biggest thing I’ll miss because all I’ll be doing is relaxing and I typically do that through my computer, hanging out, with or talking to my friends. Pretty much this is farewell until next Saturday sometime. I’ll definitely have to at least write a post about the experience. Maybe even a picture or two (I know, switching it up a little!). Have a good week world!


Relaxing Christmas

Woke up at 8 and took a shower/got ready to start the present opening.  Had some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then we moved to opening our stockings.  New socks and some gum! Typical stocking stuffers.  This year I didn’t really expect much for Christmas because first of all there’s nothing I really need and second, my main gift is that my parents are paying for me to go to the Dominican Republic with some people in my youth group for a mission trip.  It’s quite a ways away (spring break) but I still can’t wait.

I’m writing this while my mom prepares lunch/dinner.  I love the food on Christmas: honey baked ham, potatoes, lima beans, and the softest bread around.  Gotta love it..  My house doesn’t make the biggest deal of Christmas but we have our share of traditions.  Got a new shirt (which I picked out) and some new flannel pants to sleep in. I’ve wanted a lumberjack looking shirt for quite some time so that should be fun.
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