Going to start by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m currently 20 and I’m a pretty fun, social guy just looking to pass my time.  I’m not big on writing but I think I may find it a good way to express myself.  I’m going to use this blog as a journal to express everything I feel, so please give me any feedback you might have and stay updated!  This blog in a nutshell: The inside story of an eighteen to twenty something year old dude in his boredom.

You probably looked at the first picture and thought ‘woah, creepy guy, where’s the exit?!’ but I’m really not.  I was interested in web design for quite some time and so I talked with a lot of other designers and that’s what someone made for me.  I thought it was pretty cool… I put on the mask of a preppy guy: polo, AE, A&F, but really inside I’m somewhat nerdy.  It’s not that I really care about my grades or anything but I just have a strong passion for computers and technology.  I go to school for Computer Science and plan to come out the other end as a web developer.  Sometimes I spend an hour or so teaching myself HTML, CSS, and PHP but I stray from that when I get busy. I have many varying hobbies but if I had to choose one it would probably be developing and designing sites.  I’m just a beginner but I’m currently working on a project that I think could be a nice success.  May blog about it in the future, but until then.. I like music and if you wan’t to read about some of my interest in music just read this post and hopefully you can start getting to know me better.