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When You are Asking Yourself ” Do I Like Her? “

It’s very rare that I obsess over a girl, or even like one for that matter.  Girls are a lot of work and I’ve learned that if I don’t have feelings for her, I’m wasting both of our time.  Ever since my last relationship, almost two years ago, there hasn’t really been anyone on my mind except one girl.  Now she goes to school with me so I’ve grown to like her even more.  I don’t think she could ever understand how much I like her, so I’ve decided to compile this post about how I know I like her.  Feelings can be tricky but I think I’ve found someone special.

It doesn’t matter what you talk about.

No matter what we talk about, I don’t care.  She can go on and on about nothing and I can’t help but enjoy the company.  Whether she’s telling another story or just ranting about life, I can’t pull away.  Not only does it not matter what you talk about, but every word out of her mouth is something special.  You don’t want to miss a beat and you’re genuinely interested in what she has to say.

You’re willing to do anything.

I’m a stingy person, so when it comes to dates, I kind of freak out.  $25 for dinner, $25 for a movie, and if you get concessions you’re just asking to go bankrupt.  Sometimes girls don’t understand the price of all these fancy dates but we sure do.  I haven’t been on a date but I’ve realized that I’m willing to pay any price it takes to interest her in a date.  Not that I think dating someone is about how expensive your dates are, but sometimes what you want to do can cost a pretty penny.  I don’t care what it costs, I want to spend time with her and that takes money.  If we could just sit around and talk for hours I’d be down, but activities build memories and any memory with her is worth it.

She’s flawless in your eyes.

Of course no one is flawless, but I’ve realized that when I look at her, she’s so pure.  She’s perfect.  I could think about her all day and not find a single thing wrong with her.  Her mess ups are cute and her imperfections are beautiful.

I haven’t made my move yet as I’ve been really busy but I really need to jump on it.  A girl like this can’t be single long, I don’t understand how she’s single at all.  Perfection is rare and I’m just hoping no one else catches on to hers.