Monthly Archives: December 2011

It Doesn’t Have to be Awkward

Whether you’re the girl, the guy, interested in a relationship, or just plain ignorant, hanging out with someone of the opposite gender can be complicated.  Even with line is clearly drawn in the relationship, it’s hard to ever be one hundred percent sure as to what your partner, or, friend, is feeling.  During the teen years, for the most part, guys and girls are told they shouldn’t be friends.  Guys and girls some how have this big idea that if you’re going to have any type of relationship, you have to be dating.  Not being any further from the truth, this misconception can lead to some confusing times when just trying to hang out with a friend or, if you’re in the other position, trying to get into a more serious or intimate relationship.

No matter which side of the field you’re playing, it’s important to make clear what your intentions are.  If you’re the one looking for a relationship, make that obvious because the fact of the matter is, if they’re interested as well, this will only speed up and make the process simpler for the both of you.  Should you be the one that just wants to be friends and hang out, make sure you do your best to get that point across.  Maybe inviting another friend over to join y’all would be a good idea.

If you look at the situation logically, each person has their own ideas cooking up in their head as to how they want the day to go or what they ultimately want out of the relationship.  No one is in the wrong and if you’re friends, there won’t be any hard feelings – what’s the worst that can happen?  Hang out, relax, watch a movie or just hit the park.  Be yourself and don’t stress so much about what the other one is thinking.  Everything will work out just fine.