Probability of Good Looks or Attractivity

You know what I got to thinking about the other day?  Okay, so I’m sure we’d all agree there are naturally good looking people, those who go through surgery and or a lot of make up for beauty, and those that work out for the perfect body.  No matter what you do, unless born with it, there is no way to get a naturally good looking face so, I’m here to ask.. what are the odds of this?  When born, why does one come out either attractive, or just messed up.  Why is the skin tone how it is, the eyes where they are, and the nose that particular shape and size?  Sure, genes have to do with it but let’s face it – no matter how much you look like your parents, there must be some sort of randomly generated attributes about yourself.  No two people are exactly the same so – what are the odds?  One brother could be societies gem while the other sits behind closed doors afraid to come out.  If a scale was generated for looks, what would the probabilities be?  If you had to say, what do you think the probability of good , average, or  bad looks be?  On top of that, think about this: do you think it’s more, less, or just as rare to be ugly as opposed to beautiful.


3 responses to “Probability of Good Looks or Attractivity

  1. Have you ever noticed how much people and their pets can look alike at times? Random question.

    But physical beauty is such a mystery.
    I rarely think someone is just ‘ugly’.
    Except for when I get to know someone and find out they are just horrible people. It’s hard to still see any beauty in their appearence then.
    So think it’s a combination of
    – Society brainwashing
    – Genes
    – Personality
    – & Good skin care

  2. I think that everyone is beautiful in their own way, sure that sounds a bit too optimistic; but really every person has something about them that makes them special so to me everyone s beautiful! Sure some people are more beautiful on the outside than others, but I definitely think that each person has their own beauty. 🙂

  3. There is a very beautiful saying that goes around and I am sure you have heard about it. “Beauty lies in t he eyes of the beholder” I have seen beautiful girls marrying ugly looking men and vice-verse. ( as they are termed) I feel they just don’t look like others in the society and that’s why they are ugly or not pretty. If there are people who feel that they are not pretty then others are bound to make them feel so. A lot also depends on the people around.

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