Monthly Archives: August 2011

A New Beginning

So today I’ve been packing and tomorrow marks my first day at college. I’ll be getting up quite early to get in the car and drive down to where I’ll be spending the next 9 months or so. I can hardly wait and I’ve been anxious about it since before I graduated. I’m glad the time has finally come but goodbyes can be hard and even harder when you don’t have the chance for that. One friend in particular I spent a lot of time thinking about and trying to set up a time to meet up to get things right and say bye before I leave but, stubborn as he is, that doesn’t look like it’ll happen. It’s tough because I want nothing more than to fix the relationships I have here because I know it’ll be near impossible after I’m gone. I’m glad my time has come to move on and I guess it feels good that there really isn’t anyone all that important in my life that I’m leaving behind right now. Can’t wait to start new with all different people and fresh experiences. Let the ride begin, no matter how bumpy it may get.