2,061 Hours, 5 minutes and 21 seconds.

I’m laying on my bed before work, exhausted already from school.  As I look out the window I think about everything I’ve been through: all the changes that have happened in my life and the struggles I’ve faced.  I’ve known where I’m moving all year and I’ve known when, up to the day, but I haven’t sat down and thought about how all of this will affect me.  My friend’s aren’t moving, my family isn’t moving, and my house definitely isn’t moving; I’m the one leaving them.  Over the past 18 years of my life I’ve grown strong relationships with a hand full of friends and it’s hard to just get up and leave them; abandoning them for the world to consume.  Half of me wants to just end the relationships and move no-strings-attached, but the other half wants to keep in touch and grow closer through this.  I’ve lived comfortably in my house for the past 16 years and I can’t even begin to imagine how much will just change instantaneously come August.

I’ve never been the type to fear goodbyes but now that it’s my turn, it’s harder than ever.  My selfish side of me wants my friends to miss me as much as I’m foreseeing myself missing them.  I think about them every day and wonder if we’ll ever be as close as we are now.  I know I’ll grow strong relationships through college but it just isn’t the same.  It’s hard to imagine one as strong as I have.  Best friends are hard to come by, especially those rooted in the Christian morals I hold to.

Final goodbyes are less than three months away and I believe that process will be the first sign as to how the relationships I have will be affected.  So where will this lead me, where will I be this time next year?  Will I still be missing my friends, or will it hardly have affected us? Only time will tell, but until then, it’s important to take life one day at a time and enjoy all that’s been given to me – regardless of where the future leads me. Just a little over 2061 hours left with my friends and family; I have to make the most of it and cherish every minute.


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