Why are the dead men deemed ‘wise’?

I’ve been sitting around and I had some random things pop in my mind.  I thought they sounded cool so I contemplated posting them as statuses but figured instead I’d post them here.  I think they sound like quotes you’d read in a quote book full of dead people.

“Everybody wears a mask.  What does yours hide?”

“We spend half of our life making mistakes, regretting the past, and feeling sorrow.  It’s a good thing though, because without this what would we do for the other half of our life?”

“You may let yourself down but it’s half the battle noticing what you’ve done wrong.  The other half is fixing it.”

“For there is no hope when fighting for something you don’t believe in.  You’ve already lost before you began.”

So I know they’re not all that great but I thought it was fun coming up with them.  Tell me what you think.


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