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One friend, that’s all you need.

Today I was browsing random sites (as always) and stumbled upon a post by Rean John Uehara, a writer for the ‘1stwebdesigner’ blog.  The post was titled ‘Three Types of Friends Everybody Should Have: Mentor, Peer, and Protegé’ and as I read through it, something hit me.  He put it in the perspective of the job/career force but I think it can easily be taken out of that context and into a more general sense.  He says everybody needs a mentor to help guide and instruct them, a peer whom is considered their equal, and a protegé to teach and lead.  As I read each and every ‘character’ described in his post, they were invariably resembling one friend.  I can honestly say he fits into all three ‘types’ and fulfills all of the supposed needs listed:
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2,061 Hours, 5 minutes and 21 seconds.

I’m laying on my bed before work, exhausted already from school.  As I look out the window I think about everything I’ve been through: all the changes that have happened in my life and the struggles I’ve faced.  I’ve known where I’m moving all year and I’ve known when, up to the day, but I haven’t sat down and thought about how all of this will affect me.  My friend’s aren’t moving, my family isn’t moving, and my house definitely isn’t moving; I’m the one leaving them.  Over the past 18 years of my life I’ve grown strong relationships with a hand full of friends and it’s hard to just get up and leave them; abandoning them for the world to consume.  Half of me wants to just end the relationships and move no-strings-attached, but the other half wants to keep in touch and grow closer through this.  I’ve lived comfortably in my house for the past 16 years and I can’t even begin to imagine how much will just change instantaneously come August.
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Why are the dead men deemed ‘wise’?

I’ve been sitting around and I had some random things pop in my mind.  I thought they sounded cool so I contemplated posting them as statuses but figured instead I’d post them here.  I think they sound like quotes you’d read in a quote book full of dead people.

“Everybody wears a mask.  What does yours hide?”

“We spend half of our life making mistakes, regretting the past, and feeling sorrow.  It’s a good thing though, because without this what would we do for the other half of our life?”

“You may let yourself down but it’s half the battle noticing what you’ve done wrong.  The other half is fixing it.”

“For there is no hope when fighting for something you don’t believe in.  You’ve already lost before you began.”

So I know they’re not all that great but I thought it was fun coming up with them.  Tell me what you think.