I thought lint was what I found in my pockets?

So yesterday was Ash Wednesday and thousands, actually, probably millions of people got ashes rubbed on their foreheads in the shape of a cross.  I was never raised to be big on symbolistic rituals but last year was the first year I participated in the whole event.  Some say it’s too churchy, but I’d disagree.  I find lent to be a lot like New Years in that you find something in your life and replace it with something else.  There are no negative aspects of lent so what can one have to hold against it?

I personally attended the Ash Wednesday service at my church and I intend to hold to the plan which I made for the next 40 days (+Sundays). I thought about a typical day in my life and I couldn’t think of much I could give up.  School, work, and the occasional computer.  I can’t give up school and work but I thought about the computer.  Then I realized, giving up my computer wouldn’t improve my relationship with God, so I kept brainstorming.  I settled on giving up the music I listen to and instead replace it with Christian music.

So far I couldn’t be happier with my decision as I feel closest to god when I’m worshiping through music.  There’s just something about music that says everything better than I ever could.  It’s a prayer that speaks for me.  My only fear is that I’ll get in my car, forget about it, and listen to something else. In that case I’ll remember down the road (literally) and I don’t see anything wrong with that as it will only remind me of God and what he had done for me.

I wish everyone a good lent and growth towards God.  If it’s not you’re kind of thing then that’s cool, there’s ‘always’ next year.


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