Let’s Push the Time

So I’ve been accepted into my #1 school next year and I’m pretty excited about that.  Can’t wait to get there and start my courses and a new life.  Right now school is seemingly useless as I’ve already been accepted and paid my dues and everything. Six months and I’ll finally be ‘on my own’ and chillin’ at college.  I’ve chosen to major in Computer Science so I think that will be fun.  If I can, then I hope to take some classes at a community college nearby on Web Development.  Life has done a complete 360 since my last post and so now I’m just floating by.  It hasn’t just been the fact that I’ve got the next few years planned out but I’ve also gotten close to some people and I think that’s pretty cool because that doesn’t happen just every day.  I know when I go away I can keep my relationship with those that I care about and I can easily let go of the others in my life.

As a side note, I went to Kroger and got inspired to make fresh lemonade.  I ended up buying 5 lemons, squeezing all the juice and pulp out of them, and making a pitcher of lemonade.  It’s so amazing I can’t even describe it.


One response to “Let’s Push the Time

  1. Congrats on being accepted! (:

    Fresh lemonade, home-made orange juice… love.

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