What do guys do when they ‘hang out’?

The infamous question that I see girls asking all over the internet: “What do guys really do when they hang out with their friends?”  For some reason girls tend to baffle over the idea of guys hanging out and conversing.  I think the reason for this is that guys tend to keep these interactions private.  You wont find a photo album on Facebook to show what happened the whole night, you wont hear gossip for the next week about who said what, and you won’t be invited to tag along.  So let’s begin answering the question that tends to nag people.

Heres a typical day with a friend: During the day we might go outside and jump on a trampoline, go to to pool, or just do something dumb.  As it gets later we get hungry and go in to microwave some frozen chicken or hungry men meals.  After ‘dinner’ we may watch tv, play video games, or watch a movie.  The night typically ends sometime in the ‘AM’ with someone falling asleep.  At this point we turn off what we’re doing and hit the sack.

There’s really nothing all that interesting or deep.  I think the main point of guys hanging out is to just be doing something with someone.  Guys tend to get satisfaction through doing something, not talking and letting out some hidden emotion.  Sure, there are those times that guys may get really close and talk about something that’s been on their mind or bugging them.  There’s nothing wrong with talking to a friend about something important – guys have feelings too.  The difference is that it comes off in a different manner.  You wont catch two guys looking at each other eye to eye and discussing a hard breakup with a box of tissues.  Instead you’ll find two guys playing video games talking about something they’re going through and letting it out in a different manner.

I guess this leads into the question: “How do guys talk and what do they talk about?” I don’t want to say guy’s friendships are less important to them it’s just that everything comes across in a different manner.  Guys throw hints to each other and that’s all it takes.  We understand each other and we support each other no matter what happens. We know each other inside out and if there’s a problem between you and your boyfriend then chances are his best friend(s) probably know.

For me, at least, friends aren’t about quantity but rather quality.  If I’m going through something I’ll probably just contact my closest friend or whoever I think has gone through something similar.  I will probably have good intentions and I wont just be looking to gossip. I’ll be looking for support and feedback.  So overall, yeah, we joke and play around but despite some beliefs we do actually take our friendships seriously and value each others presence.  Hope that gives y’all a little insight.


15 responses to “What do guys do when they ‘hang out’?

  1. It’s lovely how easygoing guys are. Just brilliant ( :

  2. Great post. It’s all true. Keep blogging with that insight.

  3. Gossiping gets tiring after a while, and I find it hard to connect to topics with most of my friends these days. I could do just fine without the heart-to-hearts and endless gossip. I like how guys are simple, in a sense. Thanks for the insight! The mystery is now solved 🙂

  4. It’s like guys just connect by… being there. Together. Doing things with each other. Few words are necessary to communicate.

    However, girls sit and talk and talk and talk and talk…..

  5. so true, I LOVE BEING A GUY, being a girl is….just not worth all the trouble.

  6. Stuff like this makes me wish I was a guy.
    Not because I like girls or anything, I hate girls and I don’t like being one all of the time.
    But not because I am gay haha.
    Its just guys are so much simpler (in a good way)

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  8. This makes me wish I was a guy.

  9. I agree on this, though I can be talk-active, there are limits.

  10. This is completely accurate, as most of my friends are girls I don’t experience any of this, or if I do it is by myself..

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  12. tBut ink you should like what ever gender you are…but a lot of guys I talked to think its better being a girl. But being a girl meaning that you have to go through a lot of pain , meaning having babies and stuff like that. Anyway Guys do get along with each other more then girls do. It safe to say the less words the better with guys but more words the better for girls since girls talk a lot. But guys are way cooler than girls most of the time.

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