Oh how I love trading vacation days for prison time.

Did that headline catch your eye? Well that’s how I view random snow days or other ‘severe’ weather days. Why people get excited is beyond my knowledge because what are you going to do with a snowed/iced out day? Sit at home, watch tv, sit on the computer.  Which sounds more fun: that or hanging out with friends, maybe going on a weekend trip, or relaxing.  Instead I get to wake up at 6 am to check the weather website to see if school is in fact cancelled and then go back to sleep (if I can) and waste the day away regaining my rest.  Then I wake up around the time I could have already been home and I get to resume my day while being locked in my house with no where to go.  If school is closed for a good reason then that means I obviously won’t be able to drive anywhere or have fun.  This just dooms me for a depressing day of sitting in my room and doing nothing.  Thanks weather, I look forward to tomorrow.


4 responses to “Oh how I love trading vacation days for prison time.

  1. Dude same! School was cancelled for a whole week for us. That’s five days not being able to see people. I didn’t leave my house and I’m dyeing!! I’d love to go to school right now….. I’m seriously about to get my blow dryer out to blow it all away heheh

  2. I know how you feel. Last December I had a whole week of it!

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