I’ve thought about rejoining a gym for a long time but can’t bring myself to do it.  I used to go two years ago but we stopped because my parents got lazy and this was before I could drive myself.  I’m only 130 pounds and I’m 5’11 which is quite small for that height.  I was planning on doing the whole gym thing when I’m in college because I’ll have more free time and most schools supply a gym but I kind of want to get a head start so I can have ‘the look’ going into college.  My only problem is I don’t know if it will show progress.  Last time when I worked out 3-4 times a week for an hour each session I didn’t really gain much.   I ate plenty but I guess it still wasn’t enough.  Contemplating if it is worth it to me to spend my days eating and working out.  What’s everyones opinion –  how important is muscle or at least some meat on the bones?


3 responses to “Gym?

  1. Depends really on your body type. There are people who were not meant to have muscle bulks and they still look pretty good without it. Spending your day eating is completely worth it, so long as you’re not going beyond your stomach’s limitation. Working out, well, depends if it’s a long-term plan. I have guy friends who used to go the gym regularly and then abruptly stopped it. All those muscles he worked hard for turned to flabs. 😀

  2. Everybody deserves some exercise; the deterioration of the body, however riveting, is not at all a preferable experience. I would recommend going to the gym, although you certainly won’t be noticing any very significant development in your stamina in strength within the first few weeks. Gym work can be one of those activities that you regret passing up on and feel proud about devoting yourself to, though.

  3. Ouch that would suck to loose it all!

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