What do you want me to talk about?

Got a message from a reader through the contact form (shout out!).  So I figured I’d ask my reader(s) what they want to see!  Have any questions? If you could ask a 17 year old guy something or get some insight, what would it be?  Ask away, keep it appropriate though.  Nothing creepy. Hope to hear from y’all, roll in the questions and I’ll probably answer all of them.

Don’t know how to contact me?  Click the ‘Contact Me’ tab above the header.  Fill out the required information and include your questions/requests.  You can even comment below if you’d like.  I’ll be sure to respond within a few hours of you asking (as long as I’m not asleep of course).


3 responses to “What do you want me to talk about?

  1. I’m not exactly looking for anything special; write about whatever interests you and we’ll see.

  2. Actually, come to think of it, focusing less on asking your readers questions and more on publishing ideas might be a successful way of making your blog more exciting to read.

    Just think about cool stuff that appeals to your mind and post about it!

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