Awkward people

Do you know anyone that’s just naturally awkward?  It’s not that they’re quiet or shy, it’s just that they never seem to say the right things at the right time.  They either bring up awkward topics at the wrong time, speak in a strange, unusual tone, or just have the most absurd hand gestures.  At work when I’m working on the fitting rooms (clothing store) I hear some pretty weird conversations.  Usually I can catch onto the peoples relationship pretty easy and I know in a minute or two if their siblings, parent and child, or just friends, but sometimes I can’t.  The other day I could have sworn I was hearing a conversation with a foreign exchange student (don’t ask), the host of him, and the host’s daughter but the thing I didn’t understand was the baby.  I couldn’t figure out whose it was.  The lady was two old, and the other two seemed to maybe be twenty at the oldest.  Yes, one can have a kid at twenty but they didn’t seem to interact with the child enough for it t be theirs.  At the same time they interacted too much for it to just be some random kid.  Sometimes I wonder.  Anyways, not trying to bash people just throwing this out there.  Had a pretty productive day at work (8 hours) and now I’m exhausted.


4 responses to “Awkward people

  1. Hmmm… I find it funny when I overhear conversations. Especially if it’s a weird one.

  2. Yeah I know, I hear those often. And sometimes I’m so close to jutting in..

  3. Love that you bring this up. I’m extremely gifted at creating awkward situations. In my case it’s because I’m easily distracted and my mind’s always racing. I jump from one subject to another and because most people around me don’t have that ‘gift’ they just fall silent or start laughing which makes me fall silent. Yes, awkward silences are inevitable.
    But thing is, as long as the other person is feeling awkward because of me – it’s ok. ‘Cause at least I’m the one that started it, giving me the option of ending it. ( : Such a powerful place to be, really something to write home about.
    Anyway, when you say ‘don’t ask’, you’re just tempting people to ask. What’s up with the foreign exchange student? : P

  4. I’ve never heard that perspective before! Haha nothings wrong with them I just felt funny coming to the conclusion that one of the persons was an exchange student of the other. It seemed so far fetched yet for some reason I was set on it. It went to show how much thought I really put into the conversations I over heard. :3

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