What I think is important in a friendship.

People go through life making friends and being there for them but for some time (throughout middle school) I steered clear from real, close friends. I was always afraid of what might happen if I trusted someone and they let me down.  It took a while before I got a hold of giving trust and I think this is the foundation for friendships.  Oftentimes I doubt the friendships I have and ask myself if I really want to be friends with someone.  Sometimes I just wish I could move away and start over.  Being picky about who you associate with is definitely an important aspect.  Do you want to be friends with someone that doesn’t care who you really are as a person?  I’m not saying you should ditch your friends but rather be careful who you trust, while still giving complete trust to those who trust you.

One of my close friends whom I’ve told quite a bit of stuff to has thrown up a caution flag to me.  Have you ever been friends with someone and trust them with something and then they go and tell the world?  One of the major problems that I see is when one of your close friends lets down their trust from another friend.  Whenever one of your ‘friends’ comes and tells you something that they shouldn’t be telling you in the first place, whose to say they won’t (or don’t) turn around and do that to you?  If Chaz tells Billy something and says not to tell anyone, then if Billy comes and tells me, I can no longer trust Billy.  Most people turn around and say ‘Oh he wouldn’t do that to me’ but why not?  You don’t get trust by giving up trust, you get trust by giving it.

If one of your friends nags you to tell him/her something about someone else, then that just shows they’re just as willing to do the same to you. I’ve found it more and more common for gossip to spread like nothing in highschool, whether its true or not.  The best way to make real friends is to let them in but first analyze how they treat their current friends. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. You can have 100 friends but who will really be there for you when you need them?

“If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.” – Thomas Fuller


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