Fellow teen bloggers?

I wish there was an easy way to connect to fellow teen bloggers. I think it’d be fun to read what other people my age blog about.  If you happen to know a way to find blogs or know of any particular ones let me know. Always looking for people to ‘follow’ and get to know.  Who says I can’t find friends online?

As a side note Christmas lunch/dinner was awesome! Hopefully we’ll have ham for the next week or so.


9 responses to “Fellow teen bloggers?

  1. Well, you’re on my blog-roll so maybe more teen bloggers will visit your site.

  2. I hope so, I always need feedback.

  3. Cool site dude. Check out my sites sometime.

  4. dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, same. without feedback i feel like im talking to my self.
    follow meh (:

  5. I suppose I’m a fellow teen blogger, although my only method of arriving into contact with other bloggers is through the wordpress forums. I’d wish there was a more sophisticated method of interaction available but I suppose the idea hasn’t quite had the opportunity to develop, yet.

  6. Yeah, it’s so hard to network with other bloggers! ‘Maybe’ I just don’t know all the ins and outs yet..

  7. It’s really hard to find other teen bloggers! Most of the ones I’ve seen are all about fashion,but I do have a few if you want them.
    I write about Kpop (mySecretObsession) and another blog is gonna be about my life.

  8. Teen Blogger here,just started so the first real blogging will start in a day or two 🙂

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