It’s Christmas Eve and I’m starting a blog…

I’ve wanted to begin a blog for quite some time but didn’t know if I could keep up with it.  After a lot of thought I figured I’d at least give it a try.  I’ve heard that writing what you’re thinking tends to help you, so why not try?  For starters, I’m seventeen, brown hair blue eyes and enjoy long walks on the beach.  No, but really, I’m a pretty down to earth guy and I like to be social and crack jokes.  I tend to be pretty sarcastic but I’m not sure what side of me will show on this blog.  I don’t know who my possible audience may be, I just hope it’s not some creepy predator dude that’s gonna kidnap me…

I’m no writer and I’m not trying to make that appearance.  To be honest I actually hate language arts and all of the tedious rules along with it so if you see quite a few errors on my posts, well, expect it.  Although I’m not the best writer I think (or at least hope) I can get my points across effectively.  I’ll probably end up blogging about what I’m doing, about to do, and girls.  I’m a Christian and I’ll stand to it but sometimes life gets tough so I’ll probably let out what I’m feeling here.

Hopefully in the coming posts y’all can get to know me better and give me some feedback about what you like… and what you don’t like.  Hope you can stick around to see what I can offer. 🙂


2 responses to “It’s Christmas Eve and I’m starting a blog…

  1. You sound like a nice guy. 🙂

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