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I’ve thought about rejoining a gym for a long time but can’t bring myself to do it.  I used to go two years ago but we stopped because my parents got lazy and this was before I could drive myself.  I’m only 130 pounds and I’m 5’11 which is quite small for that height.  I was planning on doing the whole gym thing when I’m in college because I’ll have more free time and most schools supply a gym but I kind of want to get a head start so I can have ‘the look’ going into college.  My only problem is I don’t know if it will show progress.  Last time when I worked out 3-4 times a week for an hour each session I didn’t really gain much.   I ate plenty but I guess it still wasn’t enough.  Contemplating if it is worth it to me to spend my days eating and working out.  What’s everyones opinion –  how important is muscle or at least some meat on the bones?


What do you want me to talk about?

Got a message from a reader through the contact form (shout out!).  So I figured I’d ask my reader(s) what they want to see!  Have any questions? If you could ask a 17 year old guy something or get some insight, what would it be?  Ask away, keep it appropriate though.  Nothing creepy. Hope to hear from y’all, roll in the questions and I’ll probably answer all of them.

Don’t know how to contact me?  Click the ‘Contact Me’ tab above the header.  Fill out the required information and include your questions/requests.  You can even comment below if you’d like.  I’ll be sure to respond within a few hours of you asking (as long as I’m not asleep of course).

Awkward people

Do you know anyone that’s just naturally awkward?  It’s not that they’re quiet or shy, it’s just that they never seem to say the right things at the right time.  They either bring up awkward topics at the wrong time, speak in a strange, unusual tone, or just have the most absurd hand gestures.  At work when I’m working on the fitting rooms (clothing store) I hear some pretty weird conversations.  Usually I can catch onto the peoples relationship pretty easy and I know in a minute or two if their siblings, parent and child, or just friends, but sometimes I can’t.  The other day I could have sworn I was hearing a conversation with a foreign exchange student (don’t ask), the host of him, and the host’s daughter but the thing I didn’t understand was the baby.  I couldn’t figure out whose it was.  The lady was two old, and the other two seemed to maybe be twenty at the oldest.  Yes, one can have a kid at twenty but they didn’t seem to interact with the child enough for it t be theirs.  At the same time they interacted too much for it to just be some random kid.  Sometimes I wonder.  Anyways, not trying to bash people just throwing this out there.  Had a pretty productive day at work (8 hours) and now I’m exhausted.

Getting to know me: Music

This was an assignment for my senior project in language arts.  Kind of weird to post homework on here but I figured it can help you get to know me.  These aren’t necessarily my favorite songs, we were just told to choose songs that represent who we were/are/will be,

Perfect – Hedley

I chose this song because I think a lot of the time we’re caught up in being perfect. In one line he says “I’m not perfect, but I keep trying” and I think this can apply to everyone’s lives because it seems everyone is expected to be perfect at one time or another.  While this is impossible no matter how hard we try, we still do. He later says “Please don’t leave, was it something I said or just my personality?” and I think this question goes through our minds when anyone leaves us or moves onto something new. We want to blame everything on ourselves because we are taught not to blame it on others – while sometimes we have no control of the situation. I think this song is inspirational and a good song to pick you back up when you’re feeling down.

Weightless – All Time Low

I’ve liked this song for a while because it’s really up beat and fun to listen to. The main point of this song is to want to be ‘weightless’ and pretty much just do whatever and live a fun life.  Although this is unrealistic it does sound pretty ideal.  In the chorus it says “Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year” and I think there have been a lot of boring, tough, or just useless weekends throughout the years and this song makes me realize that even if I’m down there will be more times down the road that can make up for it. Another point in the song he says “I’m over getting older; if I could just find the time then I would never let a day go by. “  Looking back at the years I can really see that the time has flown. When I think about it, time is ticking and soon enough I’ll be own my own working nine to five with little to no break. This song makes me realize that life is good and that I should just embrace what I have and look forward to a bright future.

Unwell – Matchbox 20

This is an older song but I remember liking it when I was younger.  The song talks a lot about being lonely and not being understood by other people.  “I know they’ve all been talking ’bout me, I can hear them whisper and it makes me think there must be something wrong with me.”  This makes me think of anytime anyone criticizes anyone or puts someone down just because they’re different. I know there have been a lot of times in my life that people have pointed something out in me that is different and I know that everyone else goes through this as well. Along with this he says “stay awhile and maybe then you’ll see a different side of me” and when I hear this it shows me that you can’t judge someone unless you know their whole story. You can’t just look at them now and disregard their past; you have to look at the whole picture.

God Bless the U.S.A. – Lee Greenwood

When I was five or six this used to be my favorite song. I had a cassette tape of this song and I’ll never forget that. I don’t know what made me like this song at such a young age but for some reason I did. I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at the lyrics but I think the most meaningful part I can think of is “If tomorrow all the things were gone, I’d worked for all my life, and I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today.” I think this part is really strong just because he’s saying that even if he lost everything, he would still consider himself lucky just because he’s here in America. I also like when he says “And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me” because most of the time I take freedom for granted while so many people had to die to give it to me. This seemingly happy childhood song is actually a really powerful song that has a lot of meaning.

Maybe – Sick Puppies

I heard this song on the radio a few months ago and I liked it. The song sings about starting over and doing something on your own.  He says “I’ve never been one to walk alone I’ve always been scared to try” and I think that’s been me most of my life. I’ve always wanted to just go with the flow rather than stand out and be myself. Later it goes on saying “’Cause nothing stays the same maybe it’s time to change” and I like this because it makes me realize you can change at any point on your life. You don’t have to be the same old person, you control your life and you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Fellow teen bloggers?

I wish there was an easy way to connect to fellow teen bloggers. I think it’d be fun to read what other people my age blog about.  If you happen to know a way to find blogs or know of any particular ones let me know. Always looking for people to ‘follow’ and get to know.  Who says I can’t find friends online?

As a side note Christmas lunch/dinner was awesome! Hopefully we’ll have ham for the next week or so.

When girlfriends turn into social tools.

When I think of a girlfriend I think of someone that’s fun, someone I want to hang out with and just have a good time .  Every now and then I lie in bed and think about whether my view is skewed or correct.  Being seventeen I don’t really take girlfriends all that serious and I’m curious if I’m the only one.   I do have a friend or two that are in serious relationships but I just don’t know if it’s worth it at such a young age.  People change and move on with life so quickly that it’s hard to actually get serious when you know things are about to change.
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Relaxing Christmas

Woke up at 8 and took a shower/got ready to start the present opening.  Had some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then we moved to opening our stockings.  New socks and some gum! Typical stocking stuffers.  This year I didn’t really expect much for Christmas because first of all there’s nothing I really need and second, my main gift is that my parents are paying for me to go to the Dominican Republic with some people in my youth group for a mission trip.  It’s quite a ways away (spring break) but I still can’t wait.

I’m writing this while my mom prepares lunch/dinner.  I love the food on Christmas: honey baked ham, potatoes, lima beans, and the softest bread around.  Gotta love it..  My house doesn’t make the biggest deal of Christmas but we have our share of traditions.  Got a new shirt (which I picked out) and some new flannel pants to sleep in. I’ve wanted a lumberjack looking shirt for quite some time so that should be fun.
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